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The Institute offers highly effective Numerology Services. We also assure the benefits of attaining Numerology Services from us. The origins of the numerology is Loshu Gride. Loshu Gride is also known as Laxmi Yantra. Numerology predicts with the help of Date of Birth. It also judges the compatibility of your name spelling with your date of birth.

Services provided under numerology consultancy are

  • Prediction through date of birth.
  • Checking for your compatible carreer
  • Telling your compatible numbers and lucky colours.
  • Setting the name spelling as per your date of birth.
  • Setting the name of your office/shop/Institute/factory etc.
  • Providing remedial services.
  • Cheking compatibility of your marriage and business partner.
  • Best time period for investment and speculations.
  • Telling your worst phase of life.

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